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Who is Oman Chromite?

We are a leading company with a client base of international blue-chip companies across all industry sectors.
Here, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We encourage our people to push boundaries and evolve from skilled professionals of today to risk-taking entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We hire people from every realm and offer them opportunities that encourage individual and professional growth. You will be working with the best minds in the business, to deliver solutions that truly 'enrich the lives of our customers'.

Company culture
Our company culture is created every day by all of the self-motivated, committed professionals who work here. Our core values are important to us and expressed in the way we work with each other and with our clients.
Our application process
We are looking for the very best people and you are looking for the best company through which to express, use and develop your talents. Therefore please follow the three steps below carefully to ensure that the application process runs smoothly:

Stage 1: Application

The easiest way to apply for a position is online -easier for you and it helps us to process your application much faster. You can begin by visiting Job Openings, from here you’ll find the information you need. Then we’ll acknowledge receipt of your application by email.

Stage 2: Pre-screening

Your application will be reviewed and screened by our experienced team. As well as looking at your suitability for the role in terms of experience, academic achievement, skills and competences, we will be interested in what makes you tick, your aspirations and ambitions.

Stage 3: Interviewing

If we want to take the application further, you’ll be invited to an interview. This will give us the opportunity to get to know each other as part of an open, honest, objective process. The number of interviews you’ll need to attend depends on the role and, in some instances, you’ll be asked to take an assessment.
We understand your time is precious so we’ll try to wrap up the process within a matter of weeks. Whatever the outcome, we’re committed to making it a positive experience.
Inspiring Women at Work
Diversity in a workplace drives innovation, inspires growth and stimulates the ability to understand, comprehend and deliver on the consumer insights.

At Oman Chromite, we strive continuously to nurture workforce diversity, with particular focus on 'gender'. We make constant attempts at understanding the specific needs of women, and execute practices and support systems to address these needs. Being an equal opportunity employer, we design our workplace practices to provide an inclusive environment where women can participate, contribute and develop freely and equitably.
Learning Initiatives
At Oman Chromite, we understand that business growth is a result of talent growth and hence we are committed towards building a talent pool which is constantly learning and evolving. Following a 70:20:10 development principle, whereby we believe that 70% of learning is gained on field while 20% is driven through mentors, managers, peers and subordinates and only 10 % is through traditional learning formats like workshops, sessions, e-learning etc.
Enabling Environment
Our policies are designed keeping the needs of the young workforce in mind.
Flexible work options
Today's workforce need flexibility to take care of their responsibilities towards their family, work and other areas of personal interest. To enable them to give their 100% at work we offer flexible work options. The employee can avail this in consultation with his/her supervisor

Sabbatical Policy
Life is unpredictable and we believe that our employees should be able to take their personal and professionals live forward in a wholesome manner. An employee may take a sabbatical for personal exigencies or enhancing their qualification.

Promoting entrepreneurial spirit
We have a formal policy to extend guidance & support by the company to employees who want to explore their risk taking side. We encourage budding entrepreneurs to take charge of the business opportunities that go beyond the organization. This policy is aimed at bringing our employer brand promise of "jobs never done before" to life.

Paternity & Maternity Leave
Birth of a child is the most memorable time for new parents. We support our employees during this joyous phase by providing leave to both male & female employees.






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