Refractory Chrome Ore

In order to serve our consumer, OCC strength stems from:

  • Ability to deliver accepted quantity to the consumer’s port at the specified time which means customer is at no hassle.
  • Our ore is for immediate use as it complies to agreed specs. Presently following sizes are produced:
0 – 1 mm 0 – 6 mm 3 – 1 mm 5 – 25 mm
  • OCC is following a quality assurance chain to handle a certified refractor product, starts from selective mining methods to a semi mechanized processing (separation, crushing and shaking screens) ended with further sorting, all to guarantee our product and to satisfy the client.
  • We can make your storage as easy as you require by delivering the ore in strong jumbo bags, i.e. no tears.
  • Flexible payment terms can be arranged with regular customers to suit their convenience.
  • We produce one of the best quality ores in the region with:
Low sillica content <5%
Low CaO content <2%
High Cr+Al content ≥ 60%