Refractory Chrome Ore

The company provides thermal raw materials to customers according to the following:

  • Commitment to deliver the agreed quantities to the consumer on time.
  • Providing raw materials of various sizes that enable the customer to use it directly, as the raw materials are produced in sizes:

                        0 – 1 mm / 0 – 6 mm / 3 – 1 mm / 5 – 25 mm

  • The company follows a series of processing and inspection processes to ensure the quality of the Refractory Chrome Ore, hence, the final raw material becomes quality guaranteed and can be used directly without the need for any other treatment.
  • Providing products in strong bags of large type (capacity of one ton) according to the customer's request.
  • Producing the highest quality raw materials in the region, where the raw materials contain:

                     Low sillica content: <5% / Low CaO content: <2% / High Cr+Al content: ≥ 60%